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We want deeper connections not a lot of shallow ones.

Private online communities build these new connections.

Creating online private communities for ...

Quwho is always people first then backoffice operations

From our very beginning we thought first like members and not like administrators. After all we were members creating a community that mattered to us. The question we asked was simple --- What value-added benefits should an online community provide that would make us say "Wow. I'm glad I joined."

We know that day-to-day member management is essential to maintaining an efficient, well-run organization. We have created a strong framework that supports and simplifies the day-to-day activities we know need to done well. We just logically put the many valued member-facing features front and center.

That's why we're

Quwho not Quhow.

Member relationships create engagement

One of the great benefits of club membership is meeting people and developing relationships. In fact, member surveys have said time and again that the number one reason members join an organization is to meet people they would not otherwise meet.

Quwho provides a simple member connection feature that starts the relationship.

Members can tell their stories

Members do business with members they know and trust. A professional profile with a great way to quickly and easily tell a story.

With Quwho's simple search feature, members build their own searchable keywords and phrases. It's a great way for members to connect, refer and do business.

Conversations among members strengthen connections

Conversations at Quwho provides an exchange of "I need help with" and "I can help". Unlike other social media platforms, we've given each organization the ability to curate the conversations.

Guests like to be remembered

How many times have you been a guest at an organization and never heard from them again?

Those same organizations are actively searching for great members just like you, and they completely missed the opportunity. Quwho provides the features your members need to create an organization-branded invitation. Quwho takes care of the rest --- including a personal follow up after the event.

Groups and committees are great ways for members to be involved

We make it easy for members to find a group to join. Then we send a simple introduction to the chair, and the connection is made. What could be easier?

Convenience is key

Whether it's paying dues, making a donation, registering for an event or managing a prepaid account, Quwho makes it convenient for everyone. Members have access to their accounts anytime. Administrators benefit with real-time notifications and updates.

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Information that you can actually use right now

If you are an administrator managing day-to-day operations, your Quwho dashboard answers the question "How are we doing?". We know you're busy, but you still need to keep a watchful eye on your organization. We gather your data and turn it into useful, visual, real-time information.

  • How many mambers does your organization have right now?
  • How many members have connected today?
  • How are your members engaging right now?
  • How is your latest reward campaign doing? (Yes, we help you build some fun member reward campaigns too!)
  • The list goes on...

  • Members love feedback too.
  • Join the latest conversation
  • Check your engagement progress
  • RSVP to an event
  • See your prepaid account balance and refill it
  • And so much more...

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