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Managing attendance just got a lot easier

Manage RSVPs

With Quwho members and guests can RSVP for a meeting or event anytime online. We know that sometimes it doesn't happen that way though.

Some members prefer to RSVP by email, some by phone, others tell you in passing. Sometimes members just forget. The result can be an unmanageable collection of lists.

To simplify, we've created a convenient way for you to maintain one attendee list for each event. As RSVPs come to you, simply login and update the attendance list. You have an up-to-date view of attendance well before the event happens.

We'll even send reminders before the meeting for you. Since we know who has RSVPd, we won't annoy those members with reminders. You look on top of things, and your members will appreciate it.

Event Check-In

  • No scanners

  • No barcodes

  • No data syncing

  • No software to install

  • No more spreadsheets! (Unless you really love them. In that case, we'll give you an attendance report in CSV format anytime.)

  • We just made event check-in so much easier for you. We give you with an online up-to-date member list from your Quwho membership directory. We'll show you who has RSVPd and who has paid. As members arrive, you simply click Check-In, and their attendance is immediately recorded.

    Adding guests as they arrive is a great way to add to your prospective member database. We'll even send a thank you to each guest right after the meeting for you.

    Update Past Event Attendance

    Even with the best check-in process, it's easy to miss an attendee once in a while. Now you can easily update any past event to reflect actual attendance.

    Tracking attendance at meetings and events is an important business metric.

  • Was the program a success?

  • Which members most often invite guests?

  • What is each members attendance history?

  • The list goes on. The regular attendance data you collect will provide you with the information you need to take a deeper look at your organization.

    Easy Catering Confirmation

    An important part of every event is food. You selected a particular venue for a number of reasons, and most likely one of them is an appealing menu.

    Coordinating the details with catering can be time-consuming for everyone. To make this important detail just a little easier, we've created an automatic headcount notification to catering for you. For each event you tell us when catering needs to be notified, and we take care of it for you. We'll even send you an acknowledgment that your headcount has been received.


    Since we're tracking attendance as it happens, your dashboard always has an up-to-date snapshot of your event's success.

    We'll give you the quick view as well as the detail in CSV format any time you want it.

    A deeper look at your event in relation to programs and speakers can be an excellent planning tool for your organization.

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